5 books every start-up founder needs to read

Books have some of the highest ROI you’ll ever find. For the price of a bottle of wine, you can access insights from people who’ve achieved exactly what your setting out to achieve and then laid it out for you as a structured narrative. However, there’s thousands of business books out there – and it’s… Read more

6 essential skills every entrepreneur needs to master

When you choose to become an entrepreneur, you pick “the path less travelled”. Unlike a software developer, a salesperson, or a secretary, your career path isn’t laid out in front of you with clear steps up the corporate ladder. Because of this, it can be a lot harder for anyone forging their own trail to… Read more

7 reasons you should start up your business in Durham

So you’ve made the decision to start your own business? You have your idea – you may even have your business plan finalised or your very first customer lined up. But, importantly, where is your business going to call home? Naturally, we are biased – we love our city and the area is thriving. But… Read more

23 resources every business in Durham should be taking advantage of

Whether you’re launching a start-up in Durham or you own an established business, there’s plenty of support you can tap into to that will help you take your business to the next level. Here’s the full list of resources every Durham-based business owner needs to know about: DCI DCI is a business accelerator programme for… Read more

What is a business accelerator?

A business accelerator is a programme that gives fledging start-ups access to the support they need to grow their business. They usually run between two and six months, taking entrepreneurs on a crash course in growing their business. Start-ups going through a business accelerator work with a team of expert mentors and advisors to build… Read more

Start a company or get a job in the City? The pros and cons of each

Many people reach a point in their lives, whether that’s straight from uni or later, when they question their future. There’s a big wide world out there – which direction will you go? For some, the allure of the Big City lights is too tempting. For others, the opportunity to grow their own roots, doing… Read more