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Meet the Mentors!

This month we’re delighted to introduce you to Blu Sky and Silbo, two highly experienced organisations that have joined forces to support the DCI programme to teach entrepreneurs how to manage money and raise investment at the right time and on the right terms.

Blu Sky and Silbo will deliver workshops to our DCI entrepreneurs to firstly understand business finance and financial control, and secondly to achieve investor readiness.

For anyone interested in learning more about what to expect, the first workshop will provide sound advice, tools and techniques to allow founders to understand the importance of financial management and how it will help them to make sound financial decisions, rather than relying on guess work.

The second workshop delivers best practice in pitching to investors, and provides opportunities for you to practice your pitch presentations.

The final session brings clarity to the investment process as a start-up business, explains how VC funds work, and explores how to find ‘fit’ between company stage / needs and the different sources of finance out there. The team’s overall objective is to equip DCI entrepreneurs with insights so they are set up for success. 

The team really enjoyed supporting the first cohort of DCI entrepreneurs and they are looking forward to meeting the next group of successful applicants.

Dave Gibson of Blu Sky says “we’re really pleased to be working with Phil and Justin from the Silbo team to equip start-ups to be smart about how they manage their cash and how to become efficient in making money work well to boost business growth.”

Phil Veal, Owner/Director of Silbo says “we’re thrilled to have won the contract, along with Blu Sky, to get entrepreneurs ‘investor ready’ to raise money. We love working with start-up founders to give them the confidence and skills to convert their innovations into scalable businesses.  Over the years, we’ve supported entrepreneurs to sell their businesses on favourable terms, and take investment from corporates. We can’t wait to get started.”

The next application deadline is Friday 6th May 2022

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