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Should your business grow or scale up; the differences you need to know

It’s natural to want your newly founded business to become a huge success immediately; you know the value in your product and want the whole world to too. But growth comes in different formats; do you know in which way to take your business? There are valuable differences between growing and scaling effectively. Here we… Read more

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8 steps to take when business is slow

Running a business is not a linear journey. You will naturally experience busier times than others but identifying and acting on changes quickly will support the longevity of your new venture. Have you noticed that your revenue has unexpectedly dropped? Your website visitor numbers have tanked, or maybe it’s something longer term, where you’ve seen… Read more

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4 types of business management planning you need to know

As a passionate start-up business person, it may be tempting to jump straight into selling your product or service without firstly doing much detailed “paperwork”. But, to quote Benjamin Franklin, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”, coupled with the fact that 60% of new businesses fail, putting this legwork in to start with really… Read more

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How to stop hard selling and start building real connections

It can be very easy to default to selling mode when you’re first starting out in your new business. You’re full of enthusiasm and want to get cracking making sales.   But the concept of sales has changed over the past couple of decades, with consumers put off when the “sell” is obvious. An aggressive attempt… Read more

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How to prepare your start-up for investment

If it’s time to start looking for investment into your business, there are several things you need to consider before you open up to external interrogation. Neglecting to do this could have the exact opposite effect and turn investors away.   Understanding the most suitable type of investment for your business will lead to a higher chance of success, avoiding… Read more

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How positive customer experience drives loyalty

There are two types of loyalty when it comes to your business: Customer and Brand.   Customer loyalty relates to consumers who buy from you because you are the lowest price, or offer the best discounts. These buyers are often only loyal to your business while you continue to offer the best value.  Brand loyalty,… Read more

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How to hire for a successful start-up

Whether you’re hiring from the get-go or your start-up has been around for a while, hiring the right team is vitally important to its success.  As an individual (and a human!), you won’t have every skill required to make your business successful in the long-term, and that’s ok, as you can hire to fill those… Read more

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How to set ambitious yet realistic financial goals

Goals keep your business moving forward. They’re an important part of your business plan and prevent your business from stagnating, or being left behind in your marketplace.  Without goals, both long and short-term, your leaders are likely to struggle to understand where your business is going, or where you want to be long-term, and your… Read more

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Sales forecasting for startups explained

Sales forecasting is essential in order for businesses to manage their stock, workforce, cash flow, to make important business decisions and to grow. But you don’t need a maths degree or accounting software to master it. Just know your business and your market so that your predictions are accurate. Let’s explore this further What is… Read more

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5 ways to grow your startup fast

It isn’t easy achieving fast growth when starting your own business, and there is no definitive way of accomplishing it. But the benefits of growing your business quickly are immense. It puts your products and services on the map and provides income in an often expensive process. Follow our tips below to help your business… Read more