How positive customer experience drives loyalty

There are two types of loyalty when it comes to your business: Customer and Brand.   Customer loyalty relates to consumers who buy from you because you are the lowest price, or offer the best discounts. These buyers are often only loyal to your business while you continue to offer the best value.  Brand loyalty,… Read more

How to hire for a successful start-up

Whether you’re hiring from the get-go or your start-up has been around for a while, hiring the right team is vitally important to its success.  As an individual (and a human!), you won’t have every skill required to make your business successful in the long-term, and that’s ok, as you can hire to fill those… Read more

How to set ambitious yet realistic financial goals

Goals keep your business moving forward. They’re an important part of your business plan and prevent your business from stagnating, or being left behind in your marketplace.  Without goals, both long and short-term, your leaders are likely to struggle to understand where your business is going, or where you want to be long-term, and your… Read more

Sales forecasting for startups explained

Sales forecasting is essential in order for businesses to manage their stock, workforce, cash flow, to make important business decisions and to grow. But you don’t need a maths degree or accounting software to master it. Just know your business and your market so that your predictions are accurate. Let’s explore this further What is… Read more

5 ways to grow your startup fast

It isn’t easy achieving fast growth when starting your own business, and there is no definitive way of accomplishing it. But the benefits of growing your business quickly are immense. It puts your products and services on the map and provides income in an often expensive process. Follow our tips below to help your business… Read more

How to define your value proposition when you’re just starting out

Starting your own business can feel overwhelming – where on Earth do you begin? If you’ve identified an opportunity for a new business, before you dedicate a large amount of time to building your business plan, a faster way of defining and validating your product or service is by developing your value proposition and business… Read more

Meet the group of businesses on cohort five

We’re thrilled to be starting 2021 with quite a large group of young businesses, joining us for DCI’s fifth cohort. We look forward to helping these businesses develop and grow over the next six months, but in the meantime take a look at who we have on board. PIK Sustainable Solutions Ltd PIK is a… Read more

Five steps to discover your startup’s purpose

A brand purpose is an important part of determining your company’s identity. It explains the meaning behind the type of work you do, and how it benefits your customers and beyond.  Not to be confused with your mission statement – which focuses on your objectives – or your goal-driven vision, your purpose works in parallel… Read more

Four top tips for starting a business following redundancy

If you’ve found yourself in the position of having been made redundant recently, could starting your own business be the answer to where your career goes next?  It may come as a surprise to anyone unfamiliar with startups to hear that up to 30% of new businesses have been founded in response to being made… Read more

Introducing our fourth cohort of businesses

As we approach our second birthday, we’re thrilled to share the details of the startups who’ve joined us for our fourth cohort.  This time, five businesses were successful in their application to our incubator, and have already begun to tap into the resources and support our programme provides.  You can find the full press release… Read more